Why Wear Shooting Glasses in Archery?

During pistol and gun shooting competition many of the athletes wear shooting glasses. That isn’t the case in archery. A few archers use them. I do for a number of reasons.

My first reason is safety. While I don’t fret about an exploding arrow (I check mine religiously) or a snapping cable (I check and replace strings often) there are other ways to mess up your eyes in archery.

One of the biggest problems is getting smacked in the eye by debris or branches during 3D tournaments. Granted, most courses have been well manicured there is still that wild branch which can snap back then hit an eye.

Bugs and other airborne matter are other problems when shooting outside. Shooting glasses can help improve the chance that the gnat aiming for your cornea misses.

My second reason is the changes in light – going from light to dark on any given stake. Tinted lenses help take the strain off my eyes when I hike from a brightly illuminated trail to a target so dark it can barely be seen. By wearing shooting glasses it takes less time for my eyes to adjust to the changes in light. (Personal observation)

My third reason is light gathering. I have multiple lenses and can change them based on the conditions of light. In low light yellow lenses seem to be best for improving illumination. The medium orange lenses work best  earlier in the morning to provide contrast.

High quality lenses are critical. If you use an eye prescription the top companies can fill that for you in the lens colors you order. If you haven’t tried shooting glasses – give them a test and see what you think.  Some archery shops have them and might let you test them out on their indoor range if they have one available.