Working my pin sight

It has been too cold to shoot outside without gloves until yesterday. Gloves make hands thicker, change the anchor points, and require slight adjustments to sights. On Monday, it was warmer and the gloves were removed meaning my sight had to be adjusted to compensate.

It felt great to shoot without gloves and without layer upon layers of apparel. I knew once the gloves were off I’d need to make a click here and there to reset my sight. When I set the sights of my bows, I use a single point target so I can track my shots. In this case I used a rifle target. I also use these when I am out of archery paper targets. (There is a risk of arrow damage when repeatedly shooting at the same point)

Rifle target with a dime in the center

My first three glove free shots were a bit low and to my left. Over clicking my windage and under clicking my elevation I ended up to my right and low. A few more clicks and I was on track.

Working my way toward the center