Working With Hand Placement

Using a hinge release there seems to be, at least for me, a variance in the arrow placement that is depends on where I anchor my hand. There is also the matter of comfort, easy of release activation, and sway control that fluctuates with where I anchor the hand and release. Today I worked on refining that specific location.

Repeated as exactly as possible with only a shift in the anchor point pulled the arrow away from center.

Certainly, I have a good point where I anchor. Nevertheless, that point has been a general placement arrived upon though practice and coaching. The practice today was intended to further polish the anchor point. That was one part of the practice. The other part was to experiment and learn what happens with minor variances of the anchor point.

Notes on the shots and results

Throughout the practice I keep notes on shots. Those notes may help as I find the point of maximal benefit for hitting a consistent point on a target – shot after shot.