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It was Brenda’s idea that I create this website. Brenda is my wife. See, it began with an experiment.

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The experiment is: Can a mature, relatively healthy, person become an elite athlete?

In this experiment, I am the subject. I began by first deciding upon a sport. When I began the experiment I first considered triathlon. The science behind that idea in no way agreed that a 58 year old could become an elite athlete in triathlon. (I was 58 when I started this experiment) Even the elites, that are no longer in their 30’s, can’t remain elite. They could be good age groupers and possibly when their age group, but they’d never again be in the league with the younger athletes.

Ironman World Championship, Kona, HI – 2008.

Even though I still compete in triathlons doing another Ironman is not top on my list of goals. I still do them for fun – they have always been fun. But, I’ll do the shorter triathlons.

Swim start, Ironman Lake Placid, 2010.

In sports there are two disciplines where someone over 50 can become an elite athlete: shooting and archery. As such, archery became the chosen sport for this experiment. Why, archery is less expensive – ammunition isn’t cheap. Arrows, by comparison are inexpensive.

Arrows are less expensive – you can use them over and over. Just, always check them before shooting.

Brenda noticed me making notes as I began figuring out how to go about learning to shoot a bow, figuring out how and where to compete. All of that remains a work in process. She suggested I start a website and record what I learn and what I do in the sport. She said, “It would be a great why to keep your notes organized.”

August 2016 will mark 36 months since I picked up a compound bow. Conventional wisdom suggests in another 84 months I’ll reach the rank of an elite archer. Newer research suggests I’ll be there sooner. Time, of course, will tell.

In the meantime, I have been posting this adventure along with bits of information on health, fitness and outdoor living. If I don’t stay fit and healthy the experiment could fail. With that in mind, I post about training other than archery. Being active is important for archery. I believe a fit archer will outlast an unfit archer. That’s not to say an unfit archer has never beaten me in competition – it happens a lot. My theory is it won’t happen all the time.

Sometimes I end up winning.

From time to time, I check the stats on this website. That is, how many hits, how many pages read, how many visits, and the Alexa ranking.

Today, there are over 1 billion websites. Puttingitontheline is number 28,660,347 in the world.(1) Currently down – I have not been pushing it through social media as rigorously as I have in the past. Frankly, I’ve been too busy. It’s nearing the peak of archery and triathlon season and there’s only so much time in a day.

With over a billion website, this one is in the top 3%. Two months ago, before it got real busy, it was ranked in the top 1.6%. GoDaddy, where I started this website, stats indicate Puttingitontheline gets over 10,000 visits per month.


Now, I know I’m not a great writer. I know I can’t proof read my own work. From that I draw a conclusion that most of you can figure out what it is I’m trying to type. I appreciate your understanding.


This experiment, being shamelessly written about here, is not complete. There is a goal and a time limit. When I reach both, the plan is to gather all the data, published and not, and create a book.

The book will have a bit more science stuff in it. Until then, I’ll keep posting. Thanks for reading – David



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    1. Thanks, Jonathan. By the way, I’ll be in Decatur, AL in July for the USA Outdoor Nationals.

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