“You have received a green light from the third party background screening vendor”

USA Archery coaches must have a background screening completed every couple of years.  The coaches, of course, must pay for the check.  Mine came due a few weeks ago.  I paid my fee, someone checked me out and from USA Archery sent this email:  “We are pleased to inform you that your background screening has been successfully processed. You have received a green light from the third party background screening vendor, SSCI.”

I suppose the other coaches involved with sports under the USOC guidelines must do the same, but I don’t know.

Coaches also have to take and complete all sorts of courses aimed at keeping athletes safe.  Those too, for me, came due.  I spent an afternoon completing the courses and taking the exams.  It is part of the “Safe Sport” program.  There is no fee associated with those courses.

The background screening and “Safe Sport” programs are necessary to stay active as a coach.  I’m a level 3 NTS coach.  There’s a level 4 being taught in Statesboro, Georgia.  For that I’m on the wait list.  Another Level 4 is open, but it is in California.

When I started this archery experiment it was based in part on talent transfer.  One of the goals was to achieve a specific level of skill comparable to cycling or triathlon.  I have reached that point. There are four other goals: One to win a National Championship, two win a World Championship and three to earn a pre-set amount of money through the sport.

There are three areas where I’d like to achieve a pre-set financial target through archery are: Shooting, coaching, and this website.  If I wasn’t retired from my prior career this would definitely have been put in a holding pattern or more likely have never gotten off the ground. Fortunately, I’m in a position where I can continue the experiment. Along the way I’ll have to move forward with the coaching potential, keep writing, and continue to practice.