The Week that Began and Ended in Social Circle, Georgia

It was a long week. Starting with an archery tournament and ending with another both in Social Circle. In the middle there was a big family gathering and one huge birthday party.

The start was a competition I nearly didn’t shoot. It wasn’t the difficulty of the shooting that created some pause, it was the hour. It tournament didn’t start until 7:30 PM. But, it was shooting near home, about 25 minutes away in Social Circle. Being so close it is hard to pass up archery contests such a short drive down the road. Heck, if it got too long I could always just go home.

Going home was a drive for others that came to the tournament. Archers from Atlanta, Decatur and Kennesaw were on the line. The line was at 50 meters and the lines were full.

Yes sir, it was a long tournament, but I didn’t leave even though this event went well past my bedtime. The crew from ACE Apache, led by USA Archery Level 4 Coach Big John Chandler, did a great job of organizing and running the show.

I did leave before the awards were presented. I’ll go out on a limb and say I won my age group (over 50). The chance projection is based on the semi-final Olympic Round where when I was finally eliminated – the other few remaining archers seemed no older than 30 years. I made it home at midnight. I was so keyed up that there was no sleeping until after 2:00 AM.

We camped for the “Party”

Even though I didn’t fall asleep until around 2:00 AM, our dogs insisted that I was up by 6:00 AM. Dogs have no mercy when it comes to human sleep requirements. It took three days to get over the break in my sleep pattern.

Little Roy and Lizzie playing

With that to endure there was no time to ease up. There was a birthday bash to follow. By birthday bash, I mean catering, a live blue grass band and a good percentage of the Town of Lincolnton, Georgia attending. This shindig was put together in part by his friends in Lincolnton and his family. It was Ray’s, my father-in-law, 90th birthday.

View from our campsite

Aside from lawn maintance my role was to smoke a ham, two large Boston Butts for pulled pork, and grill about 12 pounds of sausage.

After long days at Ray’s it was nice to get to a piece of quiet

At the end of a long week I got to pick up a bow and shoot another tournament, this time a 3D competition. What I can say about the crew at ACE Apache in Social Circle, the put together a 3D range that was perfect. I won that on as well.

Yes, this was nice

It was a long week. It was fun. I am tired.

A Little Bluegrass

Saturday morning I ran then practiced archery. There was a 3D tournament underway 25 minutes away from where I was practicing archery. But, that tournament was not part of the plan for Saturday.

The agenda for Saturday called for running and shooting. After that the menu of activities changed to music.

At Elijah Clark State Park near Lincolnton, Georgia the Adams Bluegrass, LLC was holding the 6th Annual Little Roy and Lizzy Music Festival. Brenda and I had tickets so the neighborhood 3D tournament was off the list of activities.

You might be surprised to learn that Bluegrass music is not country music. Bluegrass is American music that is a mix of Irish, Scottish and English tradition music with an Appalachia flare. Generally, the instrumentation used is the mandolin, fiddle, guitar, banjo and bass. “Newgrass” bands have expanded on the original instrumental combination.

When it comes to Bluegrass I like the traditional instrumentation best. Newgrass is fine and the gospel subset seems a bit too commercially opportunistic. By that, I think some groups switch to gospel in order to make money off a crowd that is Christian. For me, I have always had a problem with a business marketing its religious affiliations in order to grow its bottom-line. That style of marketing and exchange was not apparent at this Festival.

Little Roy pickin’

What was apparent was some real good banjo music. There was good fiddling, good bass, good guitar and good mandolin. But the banjo playing of Little Roy stood out. The only better banjo picking I heard came from is grandson.

One of Little Roy’s Grandsons

Brenda and I listened to music until the afternoon intermission prior to the evening performances. There was some for sure good string instrument picking. There were some old time country music songs played and I sat through those old tunes waiting for the next Bluegrass piece.  I’ll catch up on 3D shooting as the season progresses.

Local Sheriff Paul Revere.