Playing and Learning

The restrictions on travel haven’t been as imposing on activities out here in the sticks.  Certainly, there’s no heading into Athens for dinner.  That’s not a huge sacrifice since we don’t go out for a meal all that often.  We had tickets to a several events that have been canceled or postponed and that’s a shame. But, I can still trail run, practice archery, and go cycling.  The trail running is just out my back door as is my archery range.  Cycling is done on back roads where traffic has been nearly absent.

Aside from the physical play I’ve been completing continuing education (CEU) courses to reinstate my respiratory care practitioner (RCP) license.  While I have licenses in other medical areas those aren’t as pertinent as the RCP.  There are lots of sleep disorders and people that suffer with them but another sleep specialist is low on the priority list of needed help.  The need for medical forensics is even less useful for the moment.

Each day I start with the physical activities.  When those are done I sit down for continuing education brought to me via the Internet.  Country life is nice however there is a limit to the available Internet.  Going through programs takes some patience.  There will be at least one lost connection per session.

For the some of the lectures I’ve been bored, angered, or left considering whether or not the presenter really understood what they were presenting. Today, I was lucky to have found a real gem.  I listened to a respiratory therapist give one of the most relevant lectures I’ve heard in a long time!

Anytime I hear a lecture that gets me thinking I am happy.  This presenter got me thinking and seeing the applications of the subject matter.  In fact, 9 years ago, two years before I retired a friend of mine and I presented a plan to do exactly what she was describing.  We were looking for $3 million dollars to fund our project.  We’d offered to build a system to do what the lecture danced around then sale it back to the larger organization after we got it established for $7 million dollars.

You might wonder way would any company pay out essentially $10 million dollars for this deal?  Because the deal is worth billions and we are experts in the area.  Plus, we had two patents unique to the process. It was looking good until a bigger fish purchased the company we’d approached.

After todays lecture it is apparent that our plan remains viable.  In fact, we’d won a year to test out ideas and the outcomes were positive.  We were in the next phase of funding when the big fish took the smaller company.  By small I mean a $12 billion dollar company acquired by an even bigger company.

Pockets of our initial plan have grown.  One major hospital, where my friend was an administrator, incorporates much of our process today and is extremely successful for their patients.

Sport is fun and a way of life.  Admittedly, sport is second when it comes to the science of health care.  I can’t wait to have this CEU and reinstatement documentation process complete.