Feel the Burn

In a sport like triathlon, frustration and anger can be resolved during a hard workout. Going for a long run, swim or bike ride is a great way to clear your head. Archery doesn’t work quite the same. But, there may be a slight overlap.

Last week, at a 3D shoot, I fell way below my average. It was frustrating. When that happens, especially during a tournament, you can’t go harder. In a triathlon, when I had poor swim, which was most of the time, I could get over it on the bike. Shoot a 5 and there is no bike ride to burn off steam. All you can do is let is slide and shoot better on the next target.

I practiced with my Elite 35 set-up for 3D Hunter Class.

This week, during practice, after that less than stellar event, I practiced more and harder shots. Everyday, I’ve been getting in between 100 and 120 shots on paper in the morning. In the afternoon it’s been another 80 – 100 on 3D targets.

Being outside helps a lot to clear your head

Today, between archery practices, I hit the pool. Man, my arms were burning. Afterwards, it was a planned 3D practice. By arrow 100, I was feeling the burn. The nice thing was, I was feeling a little less frustrated.

Making shots a challenge helps make long practice entertaining

OH – Happy St. Patrick’s Day