An Easy Yet Interesting Bike Ride

It was time for a bike ride. I follow a daily training plan and the afternoon called for cycling. This ride wouldn’t be a hard as the last, it would be slow, easy, and not that long, only two hours. With the morning’s archery practice behind me and an hour of swimming completed I was looking forward to a ‘touring’ ride.IMG_4866

First I needed to select a bike. The roads out here are rough and even at a slow pace you can end up shaking your dental work loose. I decided to ride a steel frame bike. Steel does smooth out a rough ride.


A coach of mine once said, “If you want to go 30 miles per hour, then you need to go 30 miles per hour.” On this ride, I only wanted to go 12 miles per hour in a low gear, for about 24 miles. Easy, yes, it was easy. It felt good. Along the way I crossed paths with those critters one typically sees in rural coastal North Carolina.


Not a mile from my door a group of chickens seemed outraged that a bicycle interfered with their enjoyment of Deep Creek Road. The clucked and puffed and ran away in protest.


Within two more miles another flock of chickens were equally irritated with me.


Eight miles down the road I paused for a black snake.


Twelve miles into the slow ride two Canada Geese offered up verbal abuse before they flew a respectable distance away.


Eighteen miles along a striped garter snake seemed to little concern for the front wheel of the Peugeot nearly crawling through the spokes while I watched.


Riding along country roads can be a pleasure. On days where I take it easy there’s time to enjoy the view.