Caught in the rain

This morning I got in a nice run with River. She got real nasty jumping into gross ditches and muddy creeks. She got a bath when we returned home, she’s easy to bathe, because she loves the water.

It wasn’t ten minutes post-bath before River was back into water, this time a swim in the river. From now until November she’ll reek of wet dog.


I don’t mind water; in fact I rather enjoy it. That’s why we live here where hurricanes greet us on an annual basis. We know we’ll get hurricanes, we know we love being on the water. Hurricanes are the price we pay. This afternoon I got some expected water on me in the form of rain.

This isn’t going to be bad.

I went for a ride on my bike. It was wishful thinking I that might avoid the rain. I’ve been caught in the rain many, many times while riding my bike. This wasn’t a bad rain. After a short while, primarily because I was starting to get cold, I headed home. I suppose I reeked of wet person and wet Lycra to River.

Well, it was bad enough