Old Cycling Shorts

If you’ve been riding bikes for over 40 years there’s a good chance you’ve got a pile of cycling clothes. I’ve got drawers full of jerseys, shorts, leg warmers, arm warmers, shoe covers, jackets, and gloves. I’ve even got kits from when I raced for Trek in unopened packaging. If I dig, I’d probably find stuff from the original Savannah Wheelmen cycling team.


Some of the apparel has worn out or been crashed out and is long gone. Today, I grabbed a pair of bib shorts that are probably 15 years old. They’re old CTS cycling bibs (Giordana brand). I’d gotten them when I signed up for one of CTS’ discount coaching packages when we lived in Pittsburgh. The shorts weren’t free, but they had a significant discount and I bought two pair. One pair didn’t survive a crash, which happened during a training ride, and the other continues to serve me well.