Scenes from Cycling in Georgia

Riding a bike on the east coast of North Carolina there is always wind. But, the roads are always flat. For the past few weeks we’ve been in northeast Georgia. The roads aren’t flat; there are constant rolling hills plus wind.


The scenery is really wonderful. It’s nice where we live in New Hope, near Hertford, NC, as well. But, it is sure good to ride in my home state.


To me, Georgia represents a lot of good things about the South. Yes, North Carolina is certainly a Southern State. There is, however, a difference. It’s like growing up in Savannah. You live there year round. When you are out of school for the summer your parents send to you Atlanta to spend time with your cousins. It’s nice, they’re family, but it is difference. That’s sort of what it’s like living in North Carolina and being from Georgia.

IMG_4669 IMG_4673

When we lived in Maryland, well that like visiting your crazy cousins. It was good, but crazy.

IMG_4675 IMG_4676

It sure has been great riding here in Georgia.