Critters Around the House


I think this fox wanted to come in for a visit

At night our dogs frequently go crazy over the critters that roam around our yard.  Using a trail camera I recorded foxes and possums using our front porch as a short cut from the woods on one side of our house to the other.  The dogs always seem to know.

Keep on truckin’

Placing a camera at the side of the house it showed that possums and feral cats have created an avenue to the woods partly on our driveway. In those woods on our property there an abundance of deer, raccoons, possums, foxes and squirrels.  All of them have paused to be photographed at one time or another.  It seems odd that there have not been any armadillo digitally captured.

This cat like pissing off the dogs at night

When I downloaded the sim card out of the camera at the side of the house it revealed what has to be a really dumb move.  It was kind of funny.  Here it is:

River, the lab, and I heading out for a run
I know the planter is there. It has been there for months. You can see where the right leg is headed
Yes, I banged it hard enough to move it.