Enjoy Facebook if it is For You

A good friend of mine asked me to send to Facebook links to this site after I write something new. You know, if you read this site you can keep up by subscribing.  As for Facebook, well I’ve not been looking at it too often.

Facebook is a commercial mess.  I don’t watch network television because of the commercials.  I did an experiment associate with how deeply Facebook watches me and have rarely been back.

Out of curiosity I wanted to know how fast Facebook gears the input of commercials to my page. I searched something remote; aquariums to see if ads for aquariums would begin to pop up when I looked at Facebook.  It took about ninety minutes.  It may have been faster, I came back to Facebook about an hour and a half after I searched aquariums on the Internet. Sure enough I was hit with ads for aquariums.

The ratio I counted for ads versus information about friends was 4:1 when I counted today. Yes, there were still ads promoting aquariums.

Once, I enjoyed Facebook.  I connected with friends who are distance or from the past.  Since I’ve reducing looking at Facebook friends have called my phone or sent old fashion emails.  I am okay with that.