A lot of folks love Facebook.  There was a time that I, too, enjoyed Facebook. Not any longer.

I signed up for Facebook while in Hawaii.  My wife and I were there for a race and vacation.  The race wasn’t a triathlon; it was only a run on the Big Island.  My wife had a Facebook account and was in touch with our children.  It looked like fun so I signed up for an account.

Over the years I collected a lot of social media friends and got in touch with hundreds of old friends I hadn’t seen in years.  A one point I had over 2600 ‘social media’ friends.  Then, Facebook turned dark.

By turning dark I mean it became a conduit for all manner of falsehoods, bashing, and outright hateful posts. Additionally, it felt like I was digging through crap just to find my actual friends.

This was frustrating so I dropped bout 2200 ‘social media’ friends hoping I see stuff from actual friends.  It didn’t pan out the way I’d hoped.

It seems there are a lot of junk type postings on Facebook.  Today, I counted the first 63 posts on my feed. Of those 31.7% were from actual friends (20 posts), 30.2% were click bait (19), and 38.1% were advertisements (24). In other words, 68.25% of the posts I passed on Facebook were marketing and sales items.

I’d drop off entirely if there were a better way to stay in touch with information specific to archery that comes from local groups.