So, I Just Finished This Book

I just finished a book. I don’t mean I just completed reading a book. Seriously, I wrote a book I plan to publish.

During the 45 years I spent in the medical field I had a hobby or sorts – aging. I published a few papers that dealt with aging and worked on methods to help prolong a vibrant life. It wasn’t my primary area of expertise. But, over the decades of reading and studying how we age and why there are differences in the aging process among individuals, all of which I find fascinating, I’ve piled up a lot of information.

I’d never planned on writing a book about aging but the idea popped into my head one afternoon and I had it outlined before I went to bed that night. Actually, I completed the first draft in about two weeks. The hard part is the editing.

It is really difficult to edit your own writing. If you’ve read many of my posts here you already know I am a failure when it come to editing my own work. Still, I need to edit the book a time or two before I beg for help from better writers or professional editors.

In the past I have used professional editors. Believe me, they truly have made everything I provided in need of help much better. All of those works were manuscripts. Easy work generally less than 2500 words. Books are longer and the one I just finished is no exception.

The book isn’t my first. It is my third. The first was on how to preform a medical physical exam and the second on neonatology. Both were written for industry and weren’t available for general purchase. My copies have long since disappeared along with the knowledge I once held that provided the insight into those two books.

This third one, once it is edited, is a labor of passion. Decades of reading medical journals, making observations, and drawing totally unsupported conclusions have gone into the words of this latest book. Now, it is just the misery of editing and I’ll see if it can be published or even self-published. I expect to earn tens of dollars from the effort.

4 thoughts on “So, I Just Finished This Book”

  1. I look forward to your newest book but would also be interested in seeing your physical exam guide as I suspect you weave in some interesting examples to help reinforce the significance of why the assessments are done.

    1. Jonathan, the physical exam book was very general written with paramedics in mind. I wrote it in 1986 and don’t have a copy any longer. I hung on to my last copy for years. It didn’t survive our many moves.

  2. David, I just wanted to thank you for continuing to stay in touch with me over the years. Your growth from the early days of Respiratory Care to where you are now was quite an accomplishment. To maintain a sensible life and manage a family with your level of success is not always the norm. It is my privilege to consider you a friend. Since you are considering retirement I am sure you have a plan. My retirement started in 1994 when 2 hospitals merged. It was not forced, they bought several of us out. This gave me an opportunity to experience several different fields, including real estate. now, at 79 yo, I am going to ease out over the next year. The point of this is, you are an excellent example of growing from one field of expertise and advancing to higher and higher levels. Perhaps you should consider sharing this in another book. There are many who could gain from your experience. There have been many, like you, that have taken advantage of opportunities. Respiratory Care is a field for the young. Growing old in the profession gives the opportunity to few of us. The expansion now brings more fragmentation and lessens our strength and, I feel, the opportunity for growth will stagnate.This is not meant to focus on Resp. Care we are an example of adapting to change by ploting a course or falling on one. You will have to excuse the lack of order in this, you are the most impressive and to my knowledge one of the best examples of success that I know. You have a lot to share and I would like to read about it.
    Please send me the information ao how to purchase a copy of the book. I am looking forward to a good read.
    Kindest Regards,

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the kind words. I am happy to send you the book once it is ready. Among my problems are that I am a pretty fast writer and an extremely poor and slow editor. I find dental hygiene experiences more pleasant than editing my own work.

      The book needs one more edit by me before it goes to a professional editor. So, it is a ways off before it is ready for release. I am sure to recall the pain of the edit. (Or maybe, as I’ve always thought, you are one of those guys that just got it right the first time.)


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