Stuff That Messes Up Plans

Training, archery practice and keeping up with this website takes a lot of time. Therefore, days are planned to make the most of them. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Yesterday was one of those messed up days.

My morning archery session went okay. That is, I had plenty of time to shoot even if my arrows were all over the place. I was practicing against a 5-spot and hit the blue ring about 10% of the time. Not par, but lately this has been typical of my shooting.

Next on the schedule were swimming, weights, and running. Brenda goes with me for these workouts. While I’m swimming she does one of her workout. After I swim, and she finishes her workout, we meet up for weights and running.

We left for the Y on time. Ten minutes into the drive she says, “I forgot my shoes.” Opps, turning around meant something was going to be missed. I gave up my swim and she had to give up her 10:00 am workout.

We still got in weights and a treadmill session, but I was sorry to have missed the swim. Some days just don’t go as planned. Afternoon archery practice was busted by a rain storm. It happens.