Taking a rest day – almost

One of the most difficult days of training is the rest day. Today is a rest day. Yesterday was an active recovery day that tapered into a day of complete rest from archery and running.


Having a number of tournaments and a marathon on my near calendar sitting still makes me anxious. To make matters worse, the weather is perfect for shooting and running.


I choked and shot a few arrows. One out of every five or six missed the X. My arms and shoulders are tired and sore. This is when injuries occur – I know that from cycling, running, and swimming.


Over the past ten days I’ve followed my training plan. After 15 arrows, I knew I had messed up. Missing an X on a 5-spot at 20 yards with no wind is in part due to fatigue. Even though I wanted to continue I cold feel the soreness.


Days like this it’s hard not to work out. But, I know better and decided to put down my bow and take it easy.