A Slow Day in the Woods

Another damp day with only a few deer spotted. I hunted with Ray, my father-in-law, and John a friend from Savannah. John’s also a paramedic so we’ve exchanged some medical war stories. Sadly, the war stories from the hunt today related a lost deer and one that never moved into range.

A light rain in the woods today

Ray, today hunting with a rifle, hit an 8-point buck. The deer fell immediately, kicked then didn’t move. After a few minutes he left his blind and walked over to the fallen animal. As he approached, the wounded deer got up and ran off. A search for the deer ended when it became dark and the terrain too risky. We’ll continue at dawn.

John saw one buck from his tree stand but couldn’t get an angle to take a shot before the deer was gone.

This hog waller is a mud hole thanks to the recent rain
The height of the pigs is indicated by the rubs against this pine tree

I was primarily hunting pigs. Pigs migrate around the property and I seem to be either ahead or behind them for the moment.

Keeping out of the rain