No lions, tigers, or bears – but a rafter of turkey.

M2E41L18-29R350B300There are coyote in the woods behind my house. There’s also deer. A few miles up the road farmers are complaining about bear tearing up their tractors. My neighbor has shot a coyote here. We’ve both captured photographs of deer on our trail cams. As yet, this season, he hasn’t killed a deer. But, plenty of turkey live in those woods.

I don’t hunt here in NC. I hunt on my father-in-law’s property in Georgia. That’s where we’re headed on Wednesday. I’ve hunted in Georgia since I was 14, but never in North Carolina.


The hold up in NC is the hunter safety course. It is amazing, but I haven’t had time to take the course. That’s a shame since many of my NC friends have invited me to hunt with them.


Taking that course is on my list of things to get done, I just haven’t assigned it a date to complete. In the meantime, I’ll do my hunting in Georgia.