The hunt for pigs is on….

When I aim to shot a wild pig, I am not looking for a trophy. That’s not to say that is a true monster came within range that I wouldn’t shoot it. I’d shot it. But, I’ve seen lots of big wild pigs and I’m not easily impressed. What I want to get are the young smaller female pigs. Why? Because they taste best.

The first couple of days on this hunt in Georgia I was hunting deer. There are an abundance of them on Ray’s (my father-in-law) property. I harvested exactly what I was after. A smallish doe. I had a pick of deer and I chose her guessing that one of the bunch would be the best for cooking. The next week or so, it is strictly a hunt for pigs.

Like I said, I want the pork, which for me means a small pig. Ray shot one, a 250 pound boar. It made decent sausage but the pork chops were too tough. When I worked for a hunting club, Hall Brothers in Savannah, and we’d have a pig barbecue I’d always chose a nice smaller pig. Slow cooked for hours it was excellent.

Today, I didn’t see anything in the woods other than a squirrel. Grilled squirrel isn’t so bad, as I remember it, however squirrel isn’t on the menu. Tomorrow there’s a 70% chance of rain and I may skip the woods and head over to Social Circle to shoot. Depends on how hard it rains.