This hunting trip ended with plenty of meat

IMG_4391We’re just about to wrap up this hunting trip to Georgia. We didn’t get out everyday, we stayed home during the worst rain, and a few days didn’t pan out. Overall, it was fairly successful.

Shot from the “luxury box” and took a small buck

We got out into the woods five times. I ended up with two does and one buck. Ray shot a doe, an 8-point buck, and a 250-pound pig. We might go out again, but I think we’ve got enough meat.

The rack from Ray’s 8-pt
Little 8-pointers don’t make it to the taxidermy shop. (Ray has many others matching this fellow)

The last two deer we took today. Ray shot his around 4 PM and I shot mine at around 5:15 PM. Both were taken to Adam Bohler in Tignal for processing. I’ve already picked up the first deer I shot and hope he’s got my second ready by Friday. These last two won’t be ready before I head back to NC. Ray will get them both up and store mine in a freezer until I can get back down to pick it up.

Lady bugs were all over the place

There’s a nice 10-point buck roaming around on the property. I might head out for a bit tomorrow and see if I can get him. Or maybe I’ll hang out and practice shooting dots. In either case, we’ll be heading back to NC with plenty of meat.

Ray, the tall fellow next to his good friend Guy.