Eight Days in the Winnebago

Despite taking a break after the Nationals, only a few days, I was a bit worn. I exercise and practice archery for hours nearly everyday. A few times a year there are breaks in my schedule for physical and mental recovery. This past week was one of those breaks.

First stop in Virgina

This vacation coincided with my youngest grandson turning four. Brenda and I planned a trip to enjoy the graduation from a mere three years old to that pinnacle of maturity – four years old. My youngest daughter and her family, that holds title to the birthday boy, live in Pittsburgh.

The view in Charlottesville.

The drive from New Hope, NC to Pittsburgh, PA can be done in a day. However, it is literally a pain in the butt to drive straight through. The drive is a much more tolerable, if not pleasurable, when breaking the trek up and going camping along the route. We decided to make the trip last eight days and have a little adventure.

Our first stop was outside of Charlottesville, VA where we camped at super KOA. Typically, we don’t stay at KOA facilities preferring smaller campgrounds that are less commercial. This one, KOA Charlottesville was a gem and one of their highest ranked facilities.

Maryland – aside from Georgia the State where I’ve lived the longest

This time of year the campground was not packed and we had site choices with views from which to select. There was a nice wooded hiking area and key to being outside, it was quiet.   While in Charlottesville we met up with Tomas Rahal at his restaurant, Mas Tapas and ate like royalty.

View near our campsite in Little Orleans

From Virginia we made our way to Little Orleans, MD and stayed at the Little Orleans campground, another outdoor treasure this time of the year. The park has just 16 spaces for transient campers in area separate from the permanent campsites. Each night we stayed, we were the only transient campers.

Camp in Maryland

The Little Orleans campground is a ½ mile from the Potomac River and the C&O Canal Towpath. We didn’t pack our bikes or our kayaks for this trip but we’ll plan to return with those toys.

This screams kayak

Pittsburgh was, well Pittsburgh. It is a beautiful city in a hardy way. Passing though it does it little justice. We once lived there and made lifelong friendships. We found a KOA in Washington, PA. It was too close to a major highway and noisy. Aside from the non-stop road noise the camping was okay. Being 30 minutes from my daughter’s home counted for something.

Washington, PA

The time with my daughter and her family wasn’t marred by any sports and they got our full attention. The birthday party was exactly as requested – pizza and cake. Oh, and an over-abundance of presents.

On the trip home we booked the same campsites as the trip out and were just as pleased.

The first day home, I shot an easy practice in the morning and skipped the afternoon. I was forced to spend the afternoon grooming the lawn and 3D range.