Paddling Mill Creek

Aside from archery and triathlon, Brenda and I do a lot of kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Recently we paddled a water trail in Perquimans County North Carolina – Mill Creek.

Brenda had found this trail online and we’d been wanting to give it a try. Its not long, only about 4 miles out and back. But, the trail ends in a Cypress Swamp and we thought that would be pretty cool.

Paddling Mill Creek

We headed to the put in point after morning archery practice. The online information indicated that the place to begin is at Larry’s Drive in Hertford, NC. When we arrived we noticed that large cut trees had been placed to they blocked the ramp to enter the Perquimans River, where we’d planned to start.

Larry’s Drive In

The information about where to put in the kayaks said to park at Larry’s Drive In and leave from there.  It looked like Larry or someone had intentionally blocked the access to the river.  We considered looking for another way to get into the water.  Our options weren’t good.

I decided, at Brenda’s insistence, to go inside Larry’s and ask about the blocked ramp. Larry’s somewhat reminded me of the biker club portrayed in the movie “Wild Hogs.”

Once inside, the place reminded me a bit more of a rough diner – it wasn’t.  The folks were nice and I was welcomed to use their landing to put our kayaks in the river. The food smelled really good. I didn’t place an order, we had a kayak trip to start.

The paddle wasn’t long, four miles round trip.  It was, however, very nice. The current was rather fast and paddling against it was work.  The creek became quite narrow and ended in a cypress swamp.  One of the more spectular paddles in this part of Perquimans County.

Entering a Cypress Swamp

Paddling back we were going with the current and returned to the put in ten minutes faster than it took to reach the turn around point.  It was a trip worth the effort – as most seem to be.  Another nice day on the water.