Playing Hard in Georgia


Brenda rounding a bend

Everyday since I arrived in Georgia I’ve practiced archery. My scores have been a few points below average for a 3-spot using the current USA Archery scoring. It has been frustrating. I’ve limited practice to a maximum number of arrows around 120 +/- a few and a minimum of 40 (once). On top of that I’ve power washed red clay caked ATV’s, hauled feed, run, biked, gone to the Y in Thompson, GA, and kayaked.

Fisherman with a small trout – he threw it back


It’s nice to kayak here in the winter. The lake is not saturated with boats and jet skis. So, Brenda and I can explore without worrying about getting run over.

We keep two small boats here along with two mountain bikes and a tri-bike. At the dock there’s a jet ski, bass boat, pontoon, and a Carolina Skiff (Ray’s boats.) With all the toys we have here there’s never a dull moment.

Dead end in this cove

Now, if I could just find a good used RV to help getting around to all the archery competitions.

Heading home