Santa Myth Proven To Be True

At some age many people cease believing in Santa Claus. Here we present evidence that Santa does exist.

On the night before Christmas we set out trail cameras. These were carefully hidden as we expect Santa knows a trail cam when he sees one.

On Christmas day, we retrieved the cameras in order to determine whether any Santa evidence had been captured. What was revealed is totally unexplainable beyond the fact that Santa was in our home.

Initally, we see Santa in the yard at our house. He appears to be directing someone or some reindeer high up on our roof.

Santa’s first photo on the trail cam


Santa – looks like he’s instructing reindeer that may be on the roof of our house


Santa walking away

Later, he is seen inside a locked house. We’d taken care to lock all doors and windows meaning either Santa picked a lock or entered our home by another method. Exactly how he entered remains unclear. One obvious conveyance – down the chimney.

One of the photos was completely wiped by a solid white image. We do not know what happened at this point. However, the next image on the camera shows Santa in the house. We suspect something magical occurred at this point, which affected the electronics of the camera.

This picture, from a camera in the house, is entirely white. We believe this happened when Santa entered our home

Inside the house we see Santa apparently setting up, as determined Christmas morning, a Polar Express Train set. It is also interesting to note, while there were dogs in the house no dog barked at the jolly (but busy) intruder.

Next photo, after the solid white picture, shows Santa patting River with a train in his hand. Look closely and small glittering points of light sparkle on River’s coat. Click the photo and it’ll enlarge

In fact, one photo took what appears to be magical glitter on one of the dogs. The dogs all seemed to be happy to greet Santa.

Santa surveying the house while “Pippin” (visiting dog) stands nearby. Pippin is a barker. He never made a sound.

We further see Santa with a plate of cookies and reindeer food in his hands. Both plates had been left out in the event Santa arrived.

Santa with a plate of cookies and reindeer treats

Aside from these photos there was more Santa evidence. On Christmas morning we found many toys under the tree that had not been there the night before. Also, and unexpectedly, there was a note, signed ‘Santa Claus’, thanking the children here for the cookies and reindeer treats.

After meticulous and careful review we have determined this to be clear and indisputable evidence that Santa Claus is real. Merry Christmas.