Shooting Snakes

I leave most snakes alone. Typically, they don’t bother me and I don’t mess with them. There is an exception – the water moccasin.

Where we live there is an abundance of these aggressive snakes. They swim where we swim. They lounge on my dock. They slither among my plants. They hang out on the steps that lead from my bulkhead into the river.

When I see them I do what I can to get rid of them. By getting rid of them I mean l killing them. My weapon of choice is not my bow. I use a double barrel 410 shotgun with number 6 shot. It does the trick. Today, it did the trick three times within about 15 minutes.

The third dead snake on my neighbor’s steps leading into the river.

The biggest of the three was lying on my dock. It was a huge fat snake. The second was swimming to the steps on my bulkhead – it didn’t make the steps before it met its maker. The third I shot off the neighbor’s steps that lead into the river.

An hour later we heard a shot from our neighbor, we guessed he’d shot yet another moccasin. I’ll check with him later, but if the shot was indeed the last noise that a water moccasin heard, that makes 5 killed so far this spring.