Tracks in the mud

When it rains, and it has rained a lot, here in the red clay capital of the world, Georgia, the clay makes a wonderful medium for tracks. We didn’t hunt today. We scouted for tomorrow’s hunt.


Driving a Polaris Ranger along firebreaks we stopped to check for tracks. There is little doubt these woods are filled with animals. Deer, raccoon, coyote, pigs and turkey seemed to have been moving along an “Animal Expressway” during the previous night.


We’ve found a pig stronghold or two and will be picking them tomorrow. Deer season, for archery, is over soon. Pigs, on the other hand, aside from being tasty are a year round game.


Tomorrow’s weather is forecasted to be sunny, 53°, with a zero chance of rain. Looking good.

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    1. Hi Alfred,

      I am in Tignall. Headed to Social Circle for a tournament on the 4th. Fishing on the 5th and North Carolina on the 6th for a tournament there. Happy New Year! David

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