2019 Results

1.) Georgia Archery Association, 25-meter indoor State Championship, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, December 8th,  1st Place, Masters 60.

2.) Georgia State Indoors 18-Meter Championship. Georgia Southern University, Masters 60, Feb, 3rd. Statesboro, GA. 3rd Place.

3.) Georgia Bowhunter Archery Associated, National Field Archery Association, State Championship and Sectional, Georgia Southern University, Feb. 16th – 17th,  2nd Place.

4) USA Archery Indoor National Championships, Suwanee, GA Feb. 23rd – 24th,  2019, 1st Place (10th – combined rank, Master’s 60)

5) Georgia Cup (Like the Gator Cup, but smaller and with better Iced Tea), Covington, GA. May 18th – 19th, Masters 60, 1st

6.) Ace 3D, local Georgia event, Social Circle, GA.  Hunter Class, 1st.

7.) Georgia Bowhunter and Archery Association, State Field Championship, Savannah, GA. Sponsored by the Ogeechee Bowmen.  June 27th and 28th. 2nd Place, Silver Senior

8.) NFAA Southeast Sectional Field Archery, Savannah, GA.  June 27th. 2nd Place, Silver Senior.

9.) TGM, ASA State Qualifier 3D, Shady Dale, GA.  June 15th, 1st Place, Senior Hunter.

10.) Georgia ASA State 3D Championship, Franklin, GA.  River Bottom Outdoors (host).  3rd Place Senior Hunter.

11.) Georgia State Field Championship, Kennesaw, GA. July 27th, 1st Place (Masters)

12.) Georgia Bowhunter and Archery Association, State 3D Championship, Social Circle, Georgia, August 10th, 2nd Place (Silver Senior – 60 yards max distance)

13.) Georgia State Outdoor Championship, Conyers, GA. Sept. 7th and 8th, 1st Place (Masters)

2018 Results

1.) Georgia State Indoor 18-meter Championship, 2nd Place, Masters, Feb. 4th Snellville, GA

2.) USA Archery National Indoor Championship, Snellville, GA. 2nd Place, Masters, Feb. 24th-25th.

3.) Georgia Bowhunter Archery Association State Indoor Championship Statesboro, GA. 2nd Place, Masters, March 3rd-4th.

4,) NFAA Indoor Sectional, Statesboro, GA. 4th Place, March 3rd – 4th

5.) Georgia Cup, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA. 2nd Place.  April 21st – 22nd.

6.) 2018 Georgia Bowhunter and Archery Association State Target Championship, Social Circle, GA. May 19th – 20th. 1st Place and New State Record.

7.) Grandma’s Archery ASA Georgia State Qualifier, Shady Dale, GA, Senior Bowhunter Class, June 16th, 1st Place.

8.) Georgia State ASA 3D Championship, Wrightsville, GA.  Senior Hunter, July 14th-15th, 3rd Place.

9.) Friday Night Lights, 50 Meter, Social Circle, GA, July 20th, 1st Place Masters (50+)

10.) Ace 3D Tournament, Social Circle, GA, Men’s Senior (21 – 49 Age group), Jul7 28th, 1st Place.

11.) Ace 3D Tournament, Social Circle, GA, Men’s Senior (21 – 49 Age group), August 11th, 2nd Place.

12.) Georgia Archery Association Outdoor (FITA) Championship. Conyers, GA. Sept. 15th and 16th. (Masters) 1st Place and State Champion.

2017 Results

1.) PGF Archery and Outdoor, Indoor 18-Meter League, Elizabeth City, NC,  Jan. 14th, 1st.

2.) Soul Hunters Indoor 3D Tournament, Elizabeth City, NC. January 14th, 1st Place.

3.) North Carolina, USA Archery, State Indoor Championship, Feb. 11th, 1st Place Advance, NC.

4.) Pitt County Wildlife Club, 3D, Greenville, NC. Men’s Bowhunter Class, Feb. 19th, 2nd Place

5.) 48th USA Archery National Indoor Championships, Snellville, GA. Feb. 25th – 26th. 1st Place (Masters)

6.) Down East Archery, Soul Hunters 3D, Elizabeth City, NC. March 4th. Men’s Bowhunter 1st Place

7.) Beaufort County Wildlife Club, 3D, Greenville, NC. March 11th, Men’s Bowhunter, 7th

8.) PGF Archery and Outdoor, Indoor 18-Meter 5-Spot League, Elizabeth City, NC. March 17th. Men’s Senior, 1st

9.)Down East Archery, Soul Hunters 3D, Elizabeth City, NC. April 15th. Men’s Bowhunter 3rd Place

10.) Roanoke Archers, Plymouth, NC, 3D. April 22nd. Men’s Bowhunter, tied 2nd

11.) Roanoke Archers, Plymouth, NC, 3D. May 6th. Men’s Bowhunter, 1st.

12.) Leupold / AAE Pro/Am, Augusta, GA. May 12th -14th. Senior Hunter, Tie 21st

13.) Virginia IBO State Championship and IBO World Championship Qualifier, Staunton, VA, June 10th-11th. Master Hunter Class, 1st Place

14.) Down East Archery, Soul Hunters 3D, Elizabeth City, NC. June 17th,  Men’s Bowhunter 4th Place

15.) USA Archery North Carolina State 50-Meter Championships, July 22nd-23rd, Burlington, NC, Men’s Masters 1st Place (Highest score among Men’s Seniors and Masters for compound bow)

16.) Boneyard Archery, Turkey Shoot, 18-meter indoor, Dec, 19, 2017.  Madison, NC. 3rd Masters

2016 Tournament / Race Results

1.) Carolina Classic, Elizabeth City, NC. January 9th, 2016 ,Open Class, 9th.

2.) Soul Hunters Indoor 3D Tournament, Elizabeth City, NC. January 30th, Men’s Bowhunter Class, 1st Place.

3.) Downeast Archery Coalition, Lenoir County Archery Club, 3-D,  Kinston, NC. Feb. 20th, Seniors, 5th place.

4.) Downeast Archery Coalition, Pitt County Archery Club, 3D, Greenville, NC. Feb. 21st, Seniors, 5th Place.

5.) North Carolina State 18M Indoor Championship, Columbus, NC. Mar. 6th Masters 4th Place.

6.) USA Archery National 18M Indoor Championship, South Division, Snellville, GA. March 12th / 13th. Masters 2nd Place

7.) Downeast Archery Coalition, Beaufort County Archery Club, 3D – Washington, NC. March 20th, 3D – 3rd Place, Seniors.

8.) Down East Archery, Soul Hunters, 3D, Elizabeth City, NC. April 2nd, 2nd place, Seniors.

9.) NC Senior Games, Greenville, NC, Field, Greenville, NC.  April 6th. 2nd Place.

10.) Downeast Archery Coalition, Roanoke Archers, Plymouth, NC, 3D, Super Senior, April 23rd, 3rd place.

11.) Cycling, Albemarle Games, Elizabeth City, NC. 5K and 10K time trials,  April 26th, 2nd Place for both.

12.) ASA Pro/Am, Augusta, GA. Super Senior, April 30th – May 1st. 43rd.

13.) North Carolina  – NFAA Sectional Championships. June 11th – 12th. 3rd place 2nd Flight. Stoneville, NC

14.) Maryland State 3D Championship and IBO World Qualifier. Princess Anne, Maryland. June 25th. 2nd Place.

15.) EAC 50-Meter Outdoor Tournament, Madison, GA. July 2nd (no results posted)

16.) NC ASA State 3D Championship, Mt. Airy, NC. July 16 -17, 5th Place

17.)  Downeast Archery Coalition, Soul Hunters 3D Tournament, Elizabeth City, NC. July 23rd, 2nd place

18.) Downeast Archery Coalition, Roanoke Archers, Plymouth, NC July 30th, 1st Place.

19.) IBO World Championship, Seven Springs, PA. August 11th – 14th – DNF

20.) PFG Archery Grand Opening Indoor Tournament, Elizabeth City, NC. September 16th. Open Men’s, 3rd.

21.) Green Creek Archery, Fall Indoor Tournament, Columbus, NC.  Nov. 13th, 2016. 1st Place, Masters

22.) PGF Christmas Tournament, Elizabeth City, NC. Dec. 2nd, 2nd Place men’s Open.

2015 Tournament / Race Results

1) Buckeyes 3D Tournament, Social Circle, GA. January 4, 2015. 4th Place, Open Money.

2) Fountain of Life, Sportsmen Ministry Indoor 3D Tournament, January 10, 2015, 4th Place, Men’s Bow hunter Class, Elizabeth City, NC

3) Beaufort County Archery Club, 3D, Washington, NC, February 7th, 2015 3rd Open Senior

4) USA National Indoor Championships, South Region, Snellville, GA.   Feb. 21st – 22nd, South Region, 1st, National 15th.

5) Buckeyes 3D, Social Circle, GA.  March 1st, Hunter Class, Tie for 6th.

6) Roanoke Archers, ASA 3D State Qualifier, Plymouth, NC.  March 7th, Super Senior – 4th

7) Pitt County Wildlife Club, 3D, FarmVille, NC, March 15th, 1st – Senior Hunter

8) Beaufort County Archery Club., 3D, Washington, NC. March 22nd, 1st – Senior

9) Mid Del Archery Club, IBO World Championship Qualifier, Harington, DE, March 29th, 1st – Professional Hunter Class

10) Roanoke Archers Club, 3D Tournament, Plymouth, NC. April 4th, Tied for 5th, Professional Class

11) Fountain of Life. Indoor 3D, April 11th, Elizabeth City, NC. 3rd Bowhunter Class

12) Soul Hunters, 3D, Toccoa, GA., 5th, April 26th, Hunter Class

13) Beaufort County Archers Club, Washington, NC.  3D May 9th, 2nd, Senior Hunter (45yd max)

14) Roanoke Archers Club, 3D Tournament, Plymouth, NC. May 16th, Senior Hunter (45 yds), 1st Place.

15) Fountain of Life, Outdoor 3D, Elizabeth City, NC. June 13th, Men’s Bowhunter, 2nd place.

16) Lenoir County Archers,Kinston, NC. June 20th, Pro Men, 4th.

17) Fountain of Life, Outdoor 3D, Elizabeth City, NC. July 12th, Men’s Bowhunter, 4th place.

18) Roanoke Archers Club, 3D Tournament, Plymouth, NC. August 1st, Senior Hunter (45 yds max), 1st Place

19) IBO World Championships, Ellicottsville, NY.  August 6th – 9th. 13th Place Pro Hunter Class.

20) Fountain of Life, Outdoor 3D, Elizabeth City, NC. Sept. 19th , Unlimited Class, 6th place.

21) Darlene’s Flamingo, 5K Belhaven, NC Oct. 17th, 1st (AG), 24th overall.

22) Fountain of Life, Indoor 3D Shoot, Elizabeth City, NC, Oct. 23.

23) Stride for Scholarship, Hertford, NC, Oct 24th 1st (AG), 5th overall.

24) Battle of the Albemarle Run, Elizabeth City, NC, Oct. 25th 1st (AG), 41st overall.

25) Buccaneer 5K, Kill Devil Hills, NC, Nov. 7th, 4th Place (AG)

26) 2nd Annual EAC 18 Meter, Indoor Tournament, Nov. 14th,  Madison, GA. 10th Place Men’s

2014 Tournament Results

1) Cypress Creek Archery, League Competition. Millington, MD. Feb. 4th, 2014 – March 11th. 2nd Place Open Class

2) Virginia State Indoor Championships February 8th, 2014, Masters, 4th Place

3) Pennsylvania Indoor State Championship, March 1, 2014, Masters, 6th Place, Murrysville, PA

4) 2014 IBO World Qualifier, Mid-Del Archers, April 6th, 2014, Harrington, MD, 1st, Senior Hunter Class

5) Mid-Del Archers 3D Shoot, 2nd Place, Senior Hunter Class, June 1, 2014 Harrington, DE

6) Tuckahoe Bowmen, Father’s Day 3D, 1st Senior Hunter Class, June 15, 2014, Queen Anne, MD

7) Fishing Creek Archery, ASA 3D, 4th place Bow hunter Class, June 22, 2014, Battleboro, NC

8) TAB Archery, July 5-6, 2014, “The War Party” ASA 3-D, and 14th Senior Hunter Class, Gray Court, SC

9) Tar River Archery Club, ASA 3D, July 27, 2014, Advanced Bow Hunter, 8th, Bunn, NC

10) I.B.O. 2014 World Championship, August 7-10, 2014, 92nd, Senior Hunter Class Holiday Valley Resort, 6557 Holiday Valley Rd., Ellicottville, NY 14731

11) Mid-Del Archers, 3D Shoot, 1st Place, Senior Hunter Class, Sept. 7, 2014, Harrington, DE

12) Fountain of Life, Sportsmen Ministry 3D Tournament, Sept. 20, 2014, 3rd place, Men’s Bow hunter Class, Elizabeth City, NC

13) EAC 1st Annual Indoor FITA Spot, Nov. 8, 2014, 3rd place, Masters, Madison, GA

14) Fountain of Life, Sportsmen Ministry Indoor 3D Tournament, Nov. 14, 2014, 2nd Place, Men’s Bow hunter Class, Elizabeth City, NC

15) Mid-Del Archers, December 3D and Field Target Competition, December 7, 2014, 1st Place, Senior Bow hunter, High score, Overall, Harrington, DE

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