A Three Party Pack Loose on the Run

There are few things more enjoyable than running with a pack. In this case, two dogs, River and Coco , and me. River lives with me, Coco lives down the road. River leaves with me when I run, along the way Coco joins us.

My running partners

The other morning as we ran past Coco’s home, she wasn’t ready or at least outside. River sat in front of her house and waited while I ran on. About a ½ mile away, I looked back to see both labs sprinting in my direction.

Playing catch up

On this morning our little pack ran 10K, partially on the road and partially through a field that led into the woods.

Our turn around point in the distance

When these girls get together for a run it is pure pleasure. They bump, tackle, push, race and jump into or over every ditch and creek we pass. Both are a mess by the end of the exercise.

Non-stop play

When we reached our turn around point they began a new game. They would run away from me the distance of about 40 yards then turn and sprint full out directly at me. Getting smacked by a 100-pound lab will up end a person – here I am writing from experience.

Neither ran into me. The first one that reached me would brush past my leg. They’d head in the opposite direction and repeat the game. It seemed I’d become home base in the game of tag.

I try to get pictures of these two labs, but it isn’t easy. What is easy is the joy they bring to running.

They just won’t hold still for a decent picture