An Untested Win – Not Exactly

Gradually I am out living my competition.  This morning, after running with River, I drove down to Good Hope to run a 5K. Before the race started I noticed I was the only runner in the 60 – 64 year old age group. The field is slowly dwindling as I move through the age brackets.

[UPDATE:  After the race, following the awards, and a day later new results were posted!  Turns out I lost this race, taking 2nd running just a little faster than the 3rd place finisher and a lot slower than the first place runner.  Seems there was confusion at the finish or getting folks into the correct age groups.  Apparently, there are still a lot of us geezers wheezing our way through 5k races after all]

The race was a local event that supports veterans.  This was the inaugural 5K.  It was held just few miles from where we live.  I was disappointed there wasn’t anyone to run against.  The leisurely pace I trotted allowed me the breath I needed to have conversations over the entire distance.

The major event is in October, the 5K was held on August 17th

“The Poppy Festival honors the Poppy Lady, Moina Michael, born in Good Hope in 1869. Moina MIchael used the red corn poppy as a symbol to honor and raise funds for fallen WWI veterans. The tradition continues today to honor servicemen worldwide.” (1)

During the run I learned that a women and her daughter who’d entered were from Brighton, England.  The red corn poppy is worn in the UK to honor veterans.  As she stated, “It is part of our culture.”

River is so proud, when the new results were posted 24 hours after the race, well, I didn’t have the heart to tell her

It was apparent women out numbered the men running.  The mix on those running were 54% female and 46% male.  This is becoming typical at least in the 5Ks I run.