Happy Dogs

We’ve been in Georgia for the past 10 days. Traveling can take a toll on people that don’t stick with some form of fitness routine. Part of my daily regime has been running. Whether arriving in Jerusalem, Sydney, London, Paris, Singapore, or Hertford one of the first things I do each morning is run.


When traveling by car (or truck) River, my dog makes the trip with me. She too appreciates a daily run. The first morning back to Hertford, from Georgia, we headed out for a leisurely 5K. Not a hard or fast run, just enough to work out the stiffness of a 7-hour road trip.


Because we’d been out of town River hadn’t seen her good friend that lives about a mile away from our house on the Little River. As we ran past her friend’s home, River whined since no one came out to greet her. On the run back, that changed.


Out from the yard sprinted the welcome friend. It did my heart good to see these two canine pals run, play and become reacquainted. It was wonderful watching the pure uninhibited joy of two friends greeting one another after the short absence.