Raining, again, running, again

Trail head of a 1.32 mile loop

We’re supposed to get “severe, life threating storms, tornadoes, and hail” later today. We’re all doomed.  If that weather doesn’t get us the flash floods will do the trick.  Should the flash floods fail to get us the drunk drivers out on wet roads will become the instruments of doom.  Even sober drivers provide ‘risk’ to ‘threaten’ us all.

Wet run; fun run

Should we live through this day of ‘dangerous’ weather everyone will probably starve because there is no food in the grocery stores.  Even if there was food no one can buy it because the government stimulus checks have only been issued to the wealthy.

By some miracle, if we survive the storms, drunk drivers, and have food to eat we need to be on the look out for people shooting other people.  All of that aside, if anyone is left alive, the Covid-19 is going to finish them off.

The rain progressed, but it was like running through a tunnel of forest

The few of us that remain alive in 2 days time will find their demise next fall when the Covid-19 and usual flu virus team up to wipe of all off the face of the earth.

All of the above is true; reporters sharing their news stories have presented all of it.  It must be true – it was on television, Twitter and  Facebook.

Despite our reported doom, which lays in wait, I went for a run in the rain this morning. The rain was not bad; it was steady but not a storm. Once I hit the trails admittedly the pronouncements of news media, Tweets, Facebook posts and rantings of pissed off Republican and Democrats didn’t follow.

This really is hard to beat

Disclaimer:  I never look at Twitter.  I only hear the news in passing if my wife has it on television.  I limit Facebook to about 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the afternoon. You are free to believe whatever  you want. Should you want to clear your head – go for a run.