River’s Friends

In the past, I’ve mentioned I run a lot. I also ride and bike and swim. During the coldest winter months running takes a lead over cycling and swimming. Nearly every morning I’ll head out for a run. On these runs my partner is a dog, River. Once I’ve finished running I’ll shoot while River has a swim and takes a nap. Today, while running River came upon her friends.

On one of the roads where we run there are a lot of dogs. Many of them are “free-range” animals and are happy to see River as she runs past. They’ll trot out to greet her with a sniff and romp.

River, the darker Lab, being greeted by a friend

I keep running while the friends exchange updates. The canine compadres continue to enjoy each other’s company until I get a few hundred yards down the road. River keeps an eye on me and once I get a ways off, she’ll sprint to catch up. Her crew frequently comes along for the adventure.

Game on!

Occasionally, I’ll pause to take a photograph, scratch her friends’ ears, pat their sides and take my licks. She hangs with a good crowd that includes a German Shepherd, two Labrador Retrievers, a Golden Retriever, a couple of Jack Russell terriers, a bulldog, and a number of beagles.

Today one of her best friends completed most of the run with us. We’ve watched her grow up. She is well mannered and is always happy to see us. It was a nice run and great to catch up with a good friend.

Good friends