Running 5Ks Over the Weekend

Saturday in Hertford and on Sunday in Elizabeth City I ran 5Ks, the Stride for Scholarship and Battle of the Albemarle, respectively. Both events were associated with supporting education.

Aside from the runners and the ‘cause’ both events and another thing in common – really, really loud, bad, DJ managed music. In one case, the DJ’s sound system was kept alive by a gas-powered generator. The generator was located about 10 yards from the DJs speakers. So, his painful selection of music competed with the generator to see which would win in the creation of noise. The harmonies from the two opposing noise machines nearly caused my ears to bleed.

Nice venue in Hertford

The next race’s music wasn’t as bad related to a generator, but the selection of tunes and the volume were a bit ridiculous.  When did it become necessary to inspire runners with such loud music? I suppose it encourages them to run away. The running away part was also a bit weird. The DJ played the 1976 theme to Rocky when the gun sounded. Seriously, Rocky? Most of the runners at that event were born after 1976, some long after 1976. If runners want music, they’ll be wearing headsets and listening to what they like, not what a wannabe DJ selects.

Unique vendors at the Battle of the Albemarle 5K
A display not seen at most running events

A good thing about 5Ks is that they don’t take long to complete. A quick run, hop back into the truck, and leave. In both cases I ran well earning a medal. Typically, I don’t have extra time to wait around for medals. At some events  it takes an hour or more for race officials to get it together for the awards ceremony. On Saturday,  one of the organizers noticed me getting into my truck to leave and invited me to stay; I waited a little longer for the award. On Sunday day, I was able to slip away avoiding what was developing into a long wait.

Still, I enjoy racing in 5Ks. In the past I’ve done so many 10ks and ½ marathons I really can’t recall them all. I went on a marathon binge and did 7 of them.  Running 26.2 miles isn’t for me – too tedious.  Short and sweet is fine.  I’ve limited my long races to ½ marathons with the simple short 5K being my favorite distance, bad music and all.