Running in Easton, MD

In North Carolina, River (my dog) runs with me ‘free-range’. By that I mean she isn’t connected to a lease. I carry a lease in case its needed, but as rule, she doesn’t need it. There aren’t any cars. In Maryland, there are cars everywhere.


River is the best running partner. She enjoys getting out and moving. My biggest complaint is that she stops a lot particularly during the first mile or two.


We always pause so she can sniff and at times drop off a little urine  to let other dogs know she’s in town. After two miles River settles down for the long haul.


Even though River is good on a 3D range and enjoys visiting with other archers,  she is at her best on a run or in the water.

River loves other archers – especially the ones with food to spare

Running free range in North Carolina is always topped off with a swim. But, while we’re in Maryland we’ll follow the rules and run leased. It also means she can’t jump in the ponds we pass during our runs in Easton.