Running with the Big Dogs

Tropical Depression Ana, reduced from Tropical Storm status has delivered, to our neck of the woods,  her promise of rain and wind. The atmospheric conditions render outdoor archer practice to a frustration that is best waited out. In the meantime, the weather didn’t prohibit running.

Coco up front, River behind her. No, that’s not Coco’s tongue hanging out, it’s her collar that is too big.
Both dogs pausing to hunt for turtles

River, my dog, and I took to the road for a run and were soon greeted by our friend Coco. Coco, like River, is a Labrador retriever. Her coat is lighter than River’s and see looks as if a Chesapeake Bay retriever entered her gene pool at some point. Her owners are certain that is not the case. I remain unconvinced.

Watching the two girls run and play is a real treat. They are always polite to each other and mindful of my commands when it comes to the very rare passing car or truck. Aside from ordering them to come and sit when a vehicle approaches these free spirited friends are unencumbered by lease.

Typically dry when we they meet by the end of the run they’re guaranteed to be soaking wet. If the creeks and ditches we pass have water in them the two are racing in series or parallel in as deep as possible. If the conditions are dry, they’ll be jumping in the Little River when we reach home.

Found one!

Most of the time Coco follows River and I back to our house. Once there she’ll play some more, go swimming, and enjoy a cookie before returning to her home. Even though archery practice looks doubtful for today, the morning started off right.