Winning on the Run

There wasn’t an archery tournament within 150 miles of me this Saturday. There was, however, a 5K race. Taking advantage of a race less than 30 miles from my home in Hertford, I signed up for the event.

One of the nice things about archery tournaments is that I don’t need to get up at 0500. Most of the 3D shots begin around 0900 or later. They also have a more casual approach to starts. Races aren’t as lenient when comes to start times.

Up before sunrise

Most races I’ve done have had me on the starting line between 0600 and 0700. Occasionally I’ll find one that starts at 0800, which is a bit more humane. Today’s race started at 0800 or so I thought.

I got up at 0500, fed the dogs, ate breakfast, gather my running gear and left of the starting line. When I arrived I learned my race didn’t begin until 0830! That is a great time. What was I doing there with too much time on my hands? I double-checked the printout material regarding the race time and indeed it read 0800. There’d been an error. Oh well, I’d missed a little bit more sleep than necessary but I was signed up, at the start, having nothing to do other than wait with some mild regret over my loss (30 extra minutes of sleep).

Folks getting signed in for the race

Warming up my legs felt a little tight from all the training I had in them. They never felt good until a mile into the actual race. I knew I was running well because no one was passing me and I was catching the starting gun sprinters.

I wound up taking another win. I’ll be the first to admit it was tough. The last mile hurt. It wasn’t so bad I didn’t increase my pace fearing that someone would catch me.

I was home before 1000 and taking a nap by 1030. The run zapped me. But, it’s good to win.