Football, TV and Commercial Breaks

The past several days have been busy. We’ve been putting away Christmas decorations, getting the house back in order, running, shooting and cycling.  But, on Sunday it means football in the afternoon and evening.  I really enjoy football so adjustments are necessary.

I played football from little league through high school. I was a starter at a large high school, H. V. Jenkins in Savannah, GA.  I even spoke with a few college scouts in my junior year. The growth spurt that might have gotten me a scholarship never happened. To make matters worse during the summer between my junior and senior year of high school I spent it training for and competing in for long distance bicycle races. I actually lost about 15 pounds before the cycling season ended. I remember one scout looking at me and asking me if I’d be ill. In the long haul I got a lot more from cycling than I’d have gotten out of football, but I never stop loving the game. Many of my friends earned college scholarships and a few ended up playing pro-football. For the majority, physcial

participation in football ended after high school.

First 3 shots, in a zone, anticipating Game Day

For most of my former teammates, all sports ended after high school. A few stayed active but by far not the majority. Even the few guys that played pro had short careers – a common theme for pro-football players.

On Sunday none of it matters. Sunday means watching games. I get my training done early so I can relax and watch the televised action on the gridiron. This past Sunday was the final week of the regular season. Still, there were some important games as they related to the playoffs. For example, a Steelers win and a Jets loss put Pittsburgh into the Wild Card spot. I kept my fingers crossed as I watched the Steelers win over the Browns and the Jets lose to the Bills.

We also watched the Redskins beat the Cowboys and waited in anticipation for the outcome of the Vikings – Packers game to see who would end up playing Washington.

The local paper had picked the Packers to win. I doubted that would happen even though I like the Packers. The problem with the Packers, the left side of the offensive line was totally devastated. I just didn’t see how Rodgers and the Packers could compensate for that weakness. In the end the Packers lost to the Viking and are headed to Landover, Maryland to meet the Redskins next week.

Pedaling hard and fast – can’t miss the kick off

In preparing for the games, I did an early 3-mile run, got in about 80 arrows worth of archery practice and cranked out twenty – five miles in a big gear on my Computrainer. I napped off and on during the 1 PM game, only in the 1st half. Afterwards, I was wide-awake. Then came the TV commercial hellhole.

Stretched out on the couch watching highlights waiting on the games

It was the first quarter of the Vikings – Packers game, Minnesota had been moving the ball. On third down, Green Bay stopped them. Commercial break. Back from what seemed an awfully long run of commercials the Packers had the ball. What happened? I didn’t see a punt. Oh, the score was Vikings 3, Packers 0. I guess I missed a field goal. Perhaps, I’d not been paying attention.

Or, did a field goal just get preempted for commercials? No way, I must have missed it. Maybe I’d had a small stroke.

Now, the Packers have the ball. They’re moving down the field. It’s 3rd down and they don’t convert. Commercial break. The game finally returns after I’ve been encouraged to drink beer, buy a new car and a truck, get a new cell phone, take Viagra, get a new laptop, change my cable plan, and treat diabetes with a new drug. (I don’t have diabetes.) Following the encouragement to spend more money, the game returns – tied, 3 to 3. What?! Obviously another field goal this time for the Packers.

The commercials were absolutely unbearable. My wife, who also enjoys football and I became fed up. It felt like we were watching 10 minutes of commercials for every 5 minutes of football. I love football but there is a point where I can wait for the results. In the second quarter of the Vikings – Packers game, we threw in our terrible towels and changed to Netflix.