Pictures are Worth a Lot of Words

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  There was no way to share this Memorial Day Weekend here in so few words. So, pictures may help explain a fun three days.

The weekend started and finished with archery. In the middle we took a couple of long boat trips with a pause for dinner with friends.

The weekend started off with a North Carolina ASA State Championship qualifier at Roanoke Archery in Plymouth, NC.
After the 3D shoot in Plymouth, Brenda and I decided to take a nice long boat trip. We left from our dock in the Little River. The red arrows on this map are not the Little River. Those are the Perquimans and North Rivers. Little River is west of the Perquimans. The trip was similar to the red lines – only different. We crossed the Albemarle Sound to Alligator River. That’s around 16 miles, each way, from our Dock.
The Albemarle Sound isn’t deep, rarely over 20 feet. But, it is a large body of water.
These old pilings are a good land mark and perch for sea birds.
When we make long trips in our Carolina Skiff, I use the 1/3 rule: 1/3 of my tank of gas to get to the destination, 1/3 for the return and a 1/3 in reserve.
We gave this big fella lots of open space.
Pocosin National Wildlife Refuge on the oppose side of the Sound from where we live.
On Monday we went in the opposite direction, away form the Sound, boating into swampy areas.
This is one large sail boat to have on a shallow River. Little River is not deep, only around 12 feet in the main channel. Get out of that and a sailboat can quickly get stuck.
This Osprey is probably covering up babies
The bird kept a close eye on us as we passed
Some of these little creeks are too tight for a Skiff, but are excellent in a kayak
I’d rather pass a water moccasin while in my boat versus a kayak. I’ve passed them in both.
A rare turtle that didn’t slide back into the water as we slowly motored past. Going slowly is critical to avoid logs.
The finish of the weekend shooting my Carl, a friend that had come down to his vacation home for the holiday.