Snakes in the Woods

Last year, I had a rough time with snakes. The water moccasins seemed to have wanted to move in with us. This year isn’t looking any better. Already I’ve seen a lot of snakes. Thus far only one has been a moccasin. It slithered away before we could come to terms.

In the evenings I take a walk around the 3D range. This is not the place to take a run during the warm months. When running there is a chance of crossing paths with a viper before either of us is ready. In that case, the odds are in favor of fangs.

This evening, River was accompanying me; we meet up with a copperhead. River trotted right past oblivious to the danger. I’d approached within a few yards. Copperheads have excellent camouflage. It had seen me as well and had turned to greet me where upon I introduced it to my new friend and small Ruger 380.

If you shoot them in the head, they do not mess with you.

When I got home, I ordered a pair of expensive snake boots.