Recent Web Stats

Occasionally, I check the GoDaddy stats they keep on this website. It gives me information regarding visits, pages read, hits, time spent on the site by visitors and other data.

I can’t read, but I’m happy to be on your site.

I’d not checked the stats a while and was killing time before I headed to the YMCA for a swim. So, I decided to take a look at the GoDaddy data. This is what it revealed.

Over the past 11 months there have been 116, 271 visitors here at Y’all read 272,973 pages and it had 1.27 million hits.

I can’t read either, but you can use my picture

In April most people spent 4.5 minutes on the site per visit. During the past 11 months (May isn’t included since we’re still in May) 15% of the visitors stayed on the site from 15 minutes to over an hour.

Thanks for reading – typos and all.