River Wearing Gold

My 2017 NC State Indoor Archery medal arrived yesterday. I hadn’t waited for the results the day of the event. I’d shot in the morning and there were still more start times yet to begin throughout the day. It was going to be many hours before results were known the awards presented. When I learned I’d won, about a week later, I sent a self-addressed stamped envelope so the organizers could mail the medal to me.

River wearing gold

River, as she always seems to be, appeared happy to see it. With every medal I’ve brought home River wants to wear it. She recognizes a medal then approaches in the manner she does when she puts her collar on. That is she calmly walks forward and dips her head a little. I always hang the prize on her.

She doesn’t go dog crazy while wearing it. She stays calm and has her picture taken a time or two. She acts so proud. But, when I go to remove it, she drops her head, grabs the medal in her mouth and tries to avoid returning the award. All of this surpasses my ability to explain and I can only report my observations.