Checking Web Stats – Who’s Reading

Periodically, I check this site. The areas covered in the check include reader stats, Alexa ranking, safety (verifying the site hasn’t been hacked by some nefarious individual or organization) and other reviews available via a search.

Looks safe

Studying the stats about readers is easy – provides that data. Other data requires some hunting.

Puttingitontheline is primarily about archery. Drilling down, it is about a retired medical professional making a run at a new sport.

This places in the top 3% of all ‘active’ websites

The number one activity among retired men relates to sports. The bulk of those men “watch” sports as a pastime. Still others concentrate on their golf game, fishing, hunting, running, cycling, triathlon or other activity. I have one friend that retired early. He was not an athlete. After retirement he started running. The last time I spoke to him he’d run 53 marathons including, New York, Chicago and Boston.

Archery is a growth sport – it is growing thanks to lots of popular movies that have super hero archers. Women seem to be a major growth section of archery. There also seems to be a lot of younger people in the sport thanks to programs like JOAD and 4H.

I know of 16 and 17 year old archers, certainly greater shooters, which have already signed deals with major archery manufacturers. This is a bit like Nike signing a high school runner without the shoes or money.

The younger archers really aren’t my demographic. Certainly, archers younger than 50 read the postings here. But, the bulk of the readers are not youngsters.

According to data on this site it is popular. The readers aren’t younger they’re older. This suggests a lot of older that may be new to the sport coming here for information and stories. It suggests to me there is a market segment of archers over 50 that I believe aren’t getting the same degree of attention by archery manufacturers as the youth.

There are some great archers over 50 that do have a high level of industry support. Many of them have had that support for years. When it comes to newly minted “Pro” jersey wearing master archers, the few I spoken to have paid for that jersey.

Most of them compete as a pastime and aren’t earning much if any money shooting. There seems to be a lot of them.

Stats from April 1 – April 7, 2018. It takes about three minutes to read a post and look around this site a bit.

I think there is an untapped market among the Masters archers. Archery is a sport where age is a relatively independent factor. That is, someone over 50, in my opinion, can become an elite archer. Within the readership of this website, I believe more than a few of those future elites are out there.