Some Days It’s Just Bad

Today was mostly one of those days. In practice, 3D, I shot three fives. The first was at 35 yards and I shot way wide to the left. The next five was at 38 yards and low to the right. Finally, at 40 yards I sunk another five – a gut shot.

Not all my shots were this poor. Most were tens. Nevertheless, I was off. So, to freshen things up after an hour and a half of practicing on foam and not finding a single twelve I changed what I’d been practicing. I switched bows and shot at 50 meters.

At fifty meters shooting was much better. That is with the exception of a rattle when I released an arrow. One of those noises like in a car from the dashboard. You can hear it, it’s irrigating, and impossible to find or remedy.

I’d take six shots and disassemble my scope. Take six more, the noise still there but a little different. On the sixth end of mechanical corrections the noise was nearly absent. But, by that point my frustration was very present. It was a good time to call it the end of morning practice.

In the afternoon, I shot fewer arrows, but all were on the mark.