The “Selfie”

There are not many photographs of me on this website. There are a lot of pictures. I take them. At times, I think I’d like a picture of me to post. Proof I was really there where ever there might have been.

Me riding a bike – taken by the author

I’ve tried to take them, that is I’ve tried to take a selfie. Those turn out even worse than pictures someone else has snapped of me.

I like pictures of me almost as much as I enjoy hearing a recording of my own voice. “Do I really sound like that?”

The art of the selfie eludes me. I’ve studied many individuals’ memorializations of themselves in an attempt to learn how to take a better selfie. Mostly, it seems that people pucker their lips imitating a gold fish or perhaps it’s a charade to imply the need for a straw. It’s hard to tell. I wonder if they practice beforehand, snapping selfie after selfie keeping the one they finally decide is just right.

Me on the CompuTrainer, photo by same

Once I was on a ride and wanted a photograph of me on the bike. Passing over a bridge I noticed two boys fishing and waved. They returned the gesture.  It was a Thursday and during school hours. It wasn’t an official holiday and I suspected their interpretation of the class calendar was uniquely their own.

I made a u-turn and asked them to take a picture of me on the bike. They were all too happy, relieved that my questions went no further, and consented. Their photography skills were on par with their success as fishermen.

Compliments from out of school fishermen

At a recent 3D shoot I asked a friend of mine to take a picture of me for this site. I suggested he photograph me from the back, I feared someone might misinterpret and send me a straw.

Taken by Dr. Angelo T.