What’s Up With All the Water Moccasins

We’ve had a real problem with water moccasins this year. They are all over the place – in the year, on my dock, on the bulkhead, on the steps leading into the river, and in the woods.  We have to keep a constant watch out for them.

My neighbor doesn’t walk around outside without a pistol. For the most part I keep a .410 shotgun nearby when I’m working in the yard.

IMG_5187When I practice archery in the woods I carry a pistol. These woods are swampy and a great place for snakes. I’m pretty good with a bow but there are times when, should I cross paths with a poisonous snake, I might not have any arrows or might not be carrying my bow. The pistol adds a certain level of comfort.

Today I shot moccasin number nine for the year, I’ve shot seven, my neighbor has shot two.

This one is pretty big, but is not the largest one that I’ve shot this year. The biggest of these nasty snakes was swallowing a fish during its last meal.


I don’t know what’s up with all these snakes this year, but it is bad.