Simply Amazing

It never ceases to shock me. When I study the stats tallied for my website I find them difficult to believe. People from around the globe continue in ever increasing numbers to read what comes out of my head.

To begin with, I am not a writer. Oh sure, I write and you know this without further explanation. To me, however, writers are authors among the literary geniuses like Twain, Hemingway, Irving, Tolkien and McMurtry. Certainly, there are others who write and create great stories.

Twain, Hemingway, Irving, Tolkien and McMurtry produce works that are or will one day be considered great literature. Writers like, say King, Connelly, Patterson, and Childs produce novels that are considered captivating stories. There are differences in the styles of composition, but both groups produce entertainment for readers.

I’ve read my share of King, Connelly, Patterson, Childs and other popular novelists. No genre escapes my inquisitiveness. Easily I read an average 2 books per month most containing no pictures whatsoever.

This website is obviously not a novel. For that matter, the reported facts as I view them are works of non-fiction. It does meet requirements to be judged as writing. The verdict is in the minds of the readers.

Here is an example of my astonishment, last month (April 2017) over 19,000 visitors came to this site and read nearly 47,000 pages. Now, if I could calculate how to turn this to profit, that really would be something amazing.