Malson’s BBQ

I travel a lot.  Not as far or as often as before I retired.  Some folks enjoy travel.  For others it is a necessity.

While traveling for work I was frequently on the road with a friend, Andy.  Andy was a great travel partner.  He’d attended college on a dual scholarship as a quarterback and pitcher for Wake Forest. Andy is a large man and not an obese man.  To look at him you’d easily cast him as an athlete.  Physically we are pretty different.  Although I’ve been an athlete all my life at just over 5’7” I am rarely thought of as an athlete.

One thing we do have in common is a love for good barbeque.  On our trips we’d make it a point to seek the best barbeque we could find.  More often than usual we ended up with weak BBQ. Too often the BBQ was simply awful.

After nearly a decade of travels we parted ways.  I left the company and headed into the riskier section of business, smaller startups.  Still I continued our quest for good BBQ. He’d do the same and we’d intermittently share notes on where we found good and bad food.

It has now been a few years since I’ve spoken to Andy.  If I do talk to him soon I’d have to let him know about Malson’s BBQ in Kingsland, GA.

Malson’s BBQ

While staying in St. Mary’s, Brenda, my wife, and I decided to look for BBQ.  Malson had great reviews online so we chose it to try.  It can be an adventure searching for BBQ.  This wasn’t an exception.

The ‘shack’ was seriously a shack.  Malson’s isn’t a fancy sit down joint.  With BBQ never let the appearance fool you.  Often a real shack means real good food.  Malson’s fit that bill.

Brenda and I both ordered a pulled pork meal with Cole slaw and baked beans.  It is a traditional meal and one that best allows a common denominator for comparisons.  We were both pleased.  It was some of the best pulled pork I’ve eaten.  Frankly, off the top of my head I can’t recall purchasing a better pulled pork.