Watching the Ironman World Championship

On Saturday October 10th on the Big Island of Hawaii they held the World Ironman Championship. That was one many Ironman events I completed. I watched this one via my computer.


It’s a bit tough to watch, not being there. I raced it in 2008. It was like the Super Bowl of Triathlon. I haven’t done an Ironman race since 2013, that year I did two.

Ironman events are long races. I really enjoy doing triathlons. I really hate starting my day at 3:30 am. I think I was always more stressed about missing my alarm than I was about the race. Actually, I set three alarms and typically awoke before any alarm went off. It’s hard to sleep the night before one of these events.

I’ll do more triathlons. Currently, my swimming is better than ever – which isn’t saying much. My cycling is par as is my running. But, I think I’ll limit the distance to sprints.

I won a number of sprint triathlons. That’s because the swim wasn’t so long that the faster swimmers could build a huge lead. I could pass almost everyone on bike. Then, if I got far enough ahead of the decent runners while on the bike, I’d end up in the top 3.

Still, there’s that puke of dawn awake up call. But, for a short race I can sleep until 5:30 am. (I’m normally up at 6:00 am) I don’t need to eat as much so I can get up later.

One thing I really enjoy about archery tournaments – none of them start at 6:50 am.